samsung hw-q950t soundbar survey

It’s not the freshest soundbar from Samsung, yet it’s as yet truly outstanding

One-minute review

The Samsung HW-Q950T soundbar isn’t the freshest model on the rack (an honor that has a place with the fresher Samsung HW-Q950A) however it stays a strong competitor on our rundown of the best soundbars. In spite of being a couple of years old, the previous leader ups the channel count from its archetype to a momentous Dolby Atmos/DTS:X-accommodating 9.1.4 arrangement,

Generally, the 9.1.4 framework is really exceptional for a soundbar, and is unmistakably custom for the article based sound pleasures of the present Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound arrangements. Sound streaming is upheld over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which incorporates Hi-Res Audio record organizes, and even allows you to associate with specific telephones just by tapping them against the soundbar’s bodywork.

Actual availability is reasonable for a premium soundbar, including two HDMI inputs, one HDMI yield (with eARC support for getting lossless Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundtracks from viable TVs) and an optical advanced sound information.

The Q950T’s sound quality is, in a word, inconceivable. At its heart is the capacity to convey even the most thick, generally layered and generally complex of film blends in with gigantic measures of force, and with barely any shortcoming or bending from any of the framework’s numerous speakers. The sound can occupy even enormous lounges with a phenomenally huge, complete and vivid air pocket of sound, conveying levels of bass profundity, mid-range transparency and high pitch itemizing that haven’t been heard before outside of a solid, huge speakered framework.

  • Samsung HW-Q950T (Black) at Amazon for $1,400

Price and availability

  • The HW-Q950T is generally accessible across the world
  • It costs £1,500/$1,400/AUS$1950
  • A 7.1.2-channel variant without the back speakers, the Q900T, is additionally accessible

The Q950T is Samsung’s first-last soundbar for 2020th, so it’s nothing unexpected to think that it is wearing a first-last prize. As we’ll see, in any case, you do get a lot for your £1,500/$1,400/AUS$1,950 as far as crude power, speaker channels and highlights.

The nearest opponent to the Q950T at this moment – in that both proposition full Dolby Atmos speaker arrangements, including front and back tallness channel drivers – is presumably the LG SN11RG. This comes in £200 less expensive yet, in contrast to the Q950T, doesn’t convey back side-channel drivers.

Specifically, the Q950T would make the ideal accomplice to Samsung’s most recent very good quality TVs because of its Q-Symphony include, which permits the speakers in the TV and the soundbar to cooperate, adding additional tallness and presence to the soundstage.

Design and features

  • Slimmer profile for the fundamental soundbar
  • Remote subwoofer and back speakers included
  • 9.1.4 channel setup

From the beginning, the Q950T’s minimized however vigorous backs and cumbersome subwoofer don’t appear to be extremely unique to those of its HW-Q90R archetype.

By and by, I favored the more seasoned plan, basically where the backs are concerned, yet in truth you’re probably not going to see a recognizable distinction from a good ways.

Nonetheless, the greatest plan change tracks down the front corners of the soundbar now calculating back at around 45 degrees. In addition to the fact that this works to make the soundbar more alluring, this plan change mirrors the consideration of two new left-encompass and right-encompass speakers (for a 9.1.4 design), which reflect sound off your dividers to make a more ‘filled in’ circle of sound around you.

Similarly as with the past lead Q90R framework, the ‘.4’ part of this design alludes to two upfiring drivers in the soundbar, in addition to one in each back speaker.

One plus stumble in the Q950T’s plan changed observes its LED moving from the front edge to the first edge of the sound speaker’s back; you can possibly really watch it when you’re remaining end to it. It’s collaborated in this asinine new situation by a button for flipping on and off a new inherent, Alexa-empowered far-field mic.

To the extent pointers on the Q950T’s front edge are concerned, when you’re plunked down you’ll see a little threesome of lights that enlighten to enlist volume changes, and a little red light that enlightens assuming you have the far-field mic wound down.

Having the option to do everything in-house has empowered Samsung to refine a few parts of the drivers. The primary left, right and focus channels all advantage from double woofers and wide-range tweeters, for example, while the upfirers brag new handling that intends to expand the overhead soundstage’s inclusion and effect.

Actual availability is reasonable for a premium soundbar, with two HDMI inputs, one HDMI yield (with eARC support for acquiring lossless Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundtracks from viable TVs) and an optical advanced sound information. A third HDMI input and potentially a USB port for playing sound from USB drives would have been gladly received, yet what’s incorporated should do the trick for the vast majority.

Assuming that you end up having a Samsung telephone running Android 8.1 or higher, you can associate it remotely to the soundbar essentially by tapping the telephone against the principle soundbar’s suspension. In addition, as you would expect, there are likewise Bluetooth and Wi-Fi association choices for streaming sound from other organized sources.

The Wi-Fi support related to Samsung’s SmartThings telephone/tablet application empowers spilling from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Samsung Music, Spotify, TuneIn and Deezer accounts,

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content causes the soundbar to default to those playback modes, however there are a triplet of handling modes accessible for ‘improving’ other sound substance. The most intriguing of these are a Game Pro mode, which professes to make a more vivid encounter, and Adaptive Sound, which naturally attempts to choose the best sound experience dependent on continuous investigation of the substance you’re playing.

One final key new component is Q-Symphony. In the event that you have a viable Samsung TV then this component will empower you to consolidate the soundbar’s sound with the TV’s speakers to make a bigger soundstage.

Audio performance

  • Sacks of force and detail
  • Completely adjusted 3D sound insight
  • Substantial bass from the subwoofer

The framework is fit for hitting immense volumes – a long ways past anything most ears will endure – without even a trace of shaking, contortion or fluffiness from any of its numerous drivers. Nor does the sound begin to sloppy in the mid-go or experience cruel high pitches as you begin to drive it harder. Indeed, all things considered, the sound simply improves, more open and dynamic, the stronger you drive it.

Dynamic reach is gigantic for a soundbar. Not least on the grounds that the subwoofer conveys the kind of immensely profound thunders you’d typically just hope to get with a top of the line arrangement of isolates. Indeed, even the monstrous bass drops toward the beginning of Blade Runner 2049 present no issue for the Q950T – and there could be no harder bass test in the film world than that.

In any case, the subwoofer is sufficiently deft to fluctuate its result as far as both recurrence and volume, as well, staying away from that ‘go big or go home’ trap into which soundbar subwoofers some of the time fall.

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