Adidas Adistar review

30-second review

Bye, Ultraboost. The Adidas Adistar is the new number one decision for competitors who need running shoes for more slow meetings. Because of the Repetitor/Repetitor+ double thickness froth underneath and the rocker state of the sole, the Adistar works really hard in moving your forward mile later mile later mile.

However, this shoe isn’t just with regards to execution. The upper is made of reused plastic, in accordance with Adidas’ work to make its exhibition footwear line more supportable. Just as being all the more harmless to the ecosystem, the upper is additionally happy with, including the coordinated enclosure framework that attaches the shoes to the feet safely.

The Adistar probably won’t be focused on sneakerheads very as much as the Ultraboost yet it looks pretty retro all things considered. Allow the shadings to blur a little and squint your eyes and you may botch the Adistar with an Adidas running coach from the 70s.

Price and release date

  • Adidas Adistar at Amazon for $60.99

The Adidas Adistar was delivered in December 2021 and is accessible to purchase now at Adidas and chose outsider retailers, for example, at a suggested retail cost of $130/£120/AU$185.

The Adidas Adistar is right now accessible in two colourways, Core Black/Cloud White/Gray Five and Blue Rush/Turbo/Legacy Indigo. Notwithstanding, we hope to see a lot more new tones turn out soon.


The Adistar is a marginally unique running coach from Adidas. It’s anything but a quick running shoe, for example, the unimaginable Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2.0, nor is it a beat coach like Adizero Boston 10. No, the Adistar is for slow preparing, and it consumes a comparable space to the Ultraboost 22, meanwhile being totally unique.

The Ultraboost series has for quite some time been censured for being excessively tennis shoe like, which used to put off more stalwart sprinters. Quit worrying about that it’s a really fair shoe for a similar reason as the Adistar (slow runs). Also since Adidas is presently taking the Ultraboost series toward another path by zeroing in on female sprinters, that was the ideal opportunity to deliver a running shoe that makes up for the shortcoming.

Enter the Adidas Adistar. This cumbersome running coach seems as though a running shoe, acts like a running shoe and honestly works effectively pushing you ahead. The strength isn’t not at all like how Hoka plans its shoes – simply think about the Bondi X – and some Nike mentors (the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run comes into view).

This sizeable rocker-like sole is made of double thickness froth. You have Repetitor froth (the white segment of the sole) at the front, and the firmer Repetitor+ froth (the dim blue region) under the heel working couple to relieve sway power and give a stage to start yourself off from as you make an endless series of strides. This shape and froth mix is said to have been tried over 4,500km to ensure it functions just as planned.

The upper looks to some degree retro assuming you ask us and is made of yarn that contains basically half Parley Ocean Plastic  and half reused polyester. It’s great to see that Adidas accentuates supportability, and we hope to see significantly more economical Adidas running shoes turning out in 2022.


The Adidas Adistar is intended for more slow runs when you need to run far, but on the other hand you’re not in a hurry. What’s more let’s be honest, regardless of whether you’re preparing for a half long distance race, the greater part of your runs ought to be well under race pace, constructing the mileage and ensuring your muscles and joints are utilized to the supported moderate exertion that is significant distance running.

You should wear the Adistar for these sorts of runs. It’s a sluggish burner shoe that makes more slow preparing shockingly agreeable. Most sprinters can’t run sluggish; regardless your Garmin Coach says, it simply feels too delayed to even consider running at that speed, correct? The uplifting news is, much more slow runs won’t feel drowsy in the Adidas Adistar.

This is on account of the rocker math and the double thickness froth. The rocker shape, specifically, is very much planned, particularly the cutaway area under the heel. When wearing shoes as tall as the Adistar, sprinters frequently ‘stall’ as the shoe lands sooner than anticipated. On account of the Adistar’s only shape, this hasn’t occurred once while we were out on trials.

It very well may be intended for more slow runs, however the Adistar performed well in any event, when we ran somewhat quicker. It lacks coordinated carbon plate – most likely for something good – so don’t anticipate that it should be excessively smart at toe-off, yet the rocker shape works effectively in assisting you with pushing ahead, slowly and carefully.

We truly partook in the attack of the upper, which is agreeable and very much cushioned. Comparative running shoes regularly feel warm later long runs, yet this wasn’t true with the Adistar. All things considered, the climate was cold during our trials, so you may have an alternate encounter running in 30C hotness.

The upper highlights an incorporated enclosure framework that gets the midfoot for additional help. Having an enclosure framework regularly comes down on the midfoot, yet because of the feathery tongue, it was a flat out joy to wear the Adistar. Indeed, even later more expanded meetings, our feet felt new and all around cared for.

Buy it if

You like to pile up the miles
The Adistar will give similar experience many miles.

You like solace
The comfortable upper makes the Adistar quite possibly the most open to running trainer out there

Don’t buy it if

You really try to avoid high stack running shoes
The Adistar is thick, which probably won’t be everybody’s favorite.

You really want lightweight preparing shoes
It very well may be lighter than the Ultraboost 21, however the Adistar is certainly not a light running shoe overall

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