Epos H3 Hybrid review

Epos H3 Hybrid two-minute review

The Epos H3 Hybrid will without a doubt speak to the individuals who need an incredible sounding headset that can chip away at basically every gadget. The capacity to utilize it wired and remote at the same time gives a degree of opportunity that legitimizes the truly marginally more exorbitant cost than we anticipate.

The sound nature of the Epos H3 Hybrid is astounding, though hampered by somewhat sharp top of the line frequencies and a discernible murmur when a 3.5 mm link is associated. It’s additionally frustratingly simple to deplete the battery assuming you neglect to wind down the headset, as it possibly shuts down when separated from Bluetooth gadgets.

  • Epos H3 Hybrid (Black) at Amazon for $178

Price and release date

The Epos H3 Hybrid was delivered on September 14, 2021, for $179/£160/AU$259. That implies it’s perceptibly more costly than the Epos H3 at practically twofold the value, which retails for $119/£109/AU$179 yet can frequently be found for less.

The Epos H3 Hybrid comes in two shading choices: Ghost White and Onyx Black, and we’re especially attached to the white pair, which look fabulous close by the Nintendo Switch OLED.


Initially, you presumably think the Epos H3 Hybrid is indistinguishable from the Epos H3; in any case, it varies in more ways than one. You’ll find an actual button on the left earcup – which turns on the headset – just as a LED marker. A little in-assembled amplifier rests over the power button. The implicit pinhole mouthpiece allows you to answer calls utilizing the headset by means of Bluetooth. Be that as it may, the sound quality isn’t generally so great as the devoted blast mic, as you may anticipate.

On the right earcup, you’ll observe a Smart button for Bluetooth matching and exchanging among EQs and encompass sound when interfacing with a PC. It additionally works as a button to acknowledge or dismiss calls when associated with a cell phone.

The Epos H3 Hybrid likewise shares many plan likenesses with the amazing Epos H3. They’re a shut back pair of earphones, and you get a similar very delicate, wrapping calculated earcups, flush volume dial, and flip-to-quiet blast arm receiver as the less expensive Epos H3. They’re additionally pleasingly lightweight at only 298 grams.

Nonetheless, the most eminent plan change that the Epos H3 Hybrid proposals over the Epos H3 is that you would now be able to eliminate the headset’s blast mic, which connects to the headset attractively. The reality you were unable to eliminate the mouthpiece was probably our greatest analysis of the Epos H3, as it made wearing the headset outside the home a total non-starter. Since the mouthpiece can be taken out and reattached effectively, it implies you could possibly wear the Epos H3 Hybrid headset while on your day by day drive or when voyaging. You likewise get a little plastic cover to fly over the uncovered connector when the mic is segregated, which is helpful.

Audio performance

The Epos H3 Hybrid conveys a similar outstanding sound presentation we’ve developed to cherish from Epos’ line of gaming headsets. You can expect unbelievably nitty gritty and clear strong, which implies you can hear every one of the coincidental subtleties that different headsets can regularly sloppy. The mids and lows are additionally expertly adjusted, so you’ll in any case get the delightful bangs that go with blasts and gunfire in games like Halo Infinite.

Tragically, we viewed the Epos H3 Hybrid as a touch excessively brilliant for our preferring. For example, Juliana’s incessant radio brings in Deathloop would in general solid excessively sharp, to the place where it caused some gentle distress. We likewise disdained the reality the mixture earphones radiate a perceptible murmur at whatever point a 3.5 mm is associated. When utilizing the earphones remotely, no murmur is identified, intriguing the issue even more. The murmuring isn’t especially clearly, yet it very well may be a major issue for the people who might be touchy to foundation commotion.

Microphone quality and connectivity

The Epos H3 Hybrid has noteworthy battery life at 41 hours when associated by means of Bluetooth, and we observed that it by and large met the maker’s case. Each time you turn the headset on, a lovely voice lets you know how much battery remains; you’ll likewise be alarmed when it’s an ideal opportunity to charge the headset utilizing the USB-C port.

In any case, it’s frustratingly easy to drain the headset’s battery incidentally, as it conceivably closes down when separated from a Bluetooth contraption. it’s possible to leave them on for a significant long time accidentally.

Fortunately, we generally approved of the headset’s mouthpiece. Our voice sounded completely clear during voice talks and while visiting in internet based gatherings. Once more, we suggest utilizing the blast mic where conceivable, as it’s far better than the implicit pinhole amplifier.

Should you buy the Epos H3 Hybrid?

Buy it if…

You need a headset that works with basically everything
With a 3.5 mm speaker sound jack & Bluetooth sound, the Epos H3 Hybrid should chip away at any others gadget you toss at it. The headset’s flexibility unquestionably helps plus add to its general worth.
You need to pay attention to Bluetooth sound while gaming
Paying attention to game sound and Bluetooth sound all the while is turning into an unquestionable requirement have include for remote earphones. It’s a convenient element that we will more often than not miss when it’s not there, as on the Bang and Olufsen Beoplay Portal.

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