Marshall Motif ANC review

Two-minute review

There are no doubt: the Marshall Motif ANC. are cool-looking genuine remote earbuds. The extents and logo of the charging case reviews the brand’s notorious amps and the earbuds are styled with the organization’s M typography, while the plastic stems have a cool knurled impact.

Association is by means of Bluetooth 5.2, permitting the earbuds to combine over significant distances. Indeed, even in a structure swarmed with dividers and contending Bluetooth signals, we observed we could move very far away from our cell phone prior to encountering signal separation. Matching is finished with a long press of the button on the facade of the case.

With the charging case, you get a greatest playback season of 20 hours – not the most ideal battery life available, but rather not the most noticeably awful. Pop the headphones in their comfortable home for 15 minutes and you’ll allow yourself an hour of listening time; a full re-energize from level requires three hours by means of USB-C.

The Motif ANC look and sound incredible, and the dynamic commotion wiping out makes them truly valuable in the event that your drive is loud or you’re a successive flier. You can wind down the commotion dropping assuming you need, or change the earphones’ straightforwardness mode, permitting you to hear sounds through input through your music – helpful for keeping your brains about you when going across the street, for example.

As far as sound execution, higher pitches sounded splendid and clear with a lot of detail, and the midtones were a comparable story (if just somewhat less great). On an underlying listen we felt that the bass result was a little disappointing, however a visit to the Marshall Bluetooth application fixed that – from the application you can make acclimations to which contacts to the headphones do what, just as make changes to their equalizer settings.

A fast tap of the Hip Hop preset (our undisputed top choice) truly released the Motifs’ power: there’s totally heaps of low-end snort here, which is genuinely great for a bunch of remote earphones weighing under 5g each. They’re agreeable, as well.

Protests? We have a couple, not least of which is the to some degree peculiar plan of the case, which keeps it from standing upright. Of more concern is the Motif’s fragmented way to deal with contact control – there are a couple of things you can manage without uncovering your telephone from underneath your pocket, however changing the volume, peculiarly, isn’t one of them.

There’s no point in the Motifs having such amazing Marshall marking assuming they sound like kazoos, so we’re satisfied to report we love the wonderful way they sound, withstanding admirably to any semblance of Apple’s fantastic AirPods Pro – for sound quality at any rate.

There are a couple of contrasts among these and Apple’s own-image legend earphones – especially with regards to network – yet for style cognizant audiophiles who need to stand apart somewhat, these a greater number of than legitimize their cost.

Marshall Motif ANC cost and delivery date

  • Available now
  • $199 / £179.49 / AU$285

The Marshall Motif ANC were dispatched in Sept 2021th, & are accessible to buy now for $198/£179.49/AU$285.

That is not modest for a couple of genuine remote earbuds, however it is more affordable than the AirPods Pro, which come in at $249/£249/AU$399.

The Marshall buds are likewise less expensive than the best evident remote earbuds we’ve tried up to this point, the Sony WF-1000XM4 – however they don’t match Sony’s earbuds as far as sound execution or commotion wiping out.


  • Exemplary Marshall marking
  • Agreeable fit
  • IPX5 water opposition rating


Looks-as it were? These are incredible. The calfskin impact case looks cool, the Marshall logo is notable and the actual earphones are totally styled with insightful plan contacts that audiophiles will cherish. Indeed, even the USB link has a finished completion, and everything amounts to an all around planned item that agrees with the marking it conveys. The case has an IPX4 water opposition rating and it’s scratch-evidence, so it should age well regardless of whether you’re inclined to hurling your extras in a sack pell mell.

They fit all around well. They accompany an additional two sizes of elastic eartips so you can pick the size that fits you best. We’ve seen different earphones that accompany more choices, however except if you have especially enormous ears you’ll have the option to get these to fit pleasantly.

We approved of the standard eartips, and had the option to wear them both in typical use and keeping in mind that running with no gravity-related fiascos. The actual headphones are IPX5-appraised, which is somewhat better compared to the water safe rating presented by Apple’s AirPods Pro, and it implies you ought to have the option to utilize them while working out.

However, the plan is certifiably not an unvarnished victory. The charging case doesn’t have a level surface besides on its back, so it can’t stand upstanding, and the Motifs experience the ill effects of our important bogeyman with Apple’s AirPods – you can’t change the volume on them with a touch, rather uncovering your telephone to change your playback. Fine in the event that your telephone is in your pocket, irritating assuming your telephone’s in a knapsack. You can do different things with a touch – twofold touch to avoid a track advances, triple-contact to rearrange back to the last track you paid attention to, while a long press spins through commotion dropping, straightforwardness mode, and no strong adjustments by any means.

At long last, they’re agreeable. At a little under 5g they’re viably weightless, and their marginally rectangular plan – however strange – is extremely comfortable.

Audio performance

  • Clear high frequencies
  • Incredible for awesome music
  • Flexible EQ

We truly love the wonderful way these remote earbuds sound. For such a little pair of buds there’s bunches of bass, without it being thumpy and crude. High frequencies are completely clear with a lot of brilliant sounding subtlety – as befits a brand to be seen decorated all around the stage at a live performance, these make rock and troublemaker music sound particularly punchy.

The mid-range has recently a smidge less ‘amazing’ to it, however that is simply because it’s somewhat common contrasted with the noteworthy limits of the sound range. Audiophiles will like the Marshall Bluetooth application, which incorporates the capacity to change how the earphones’ equalizer is set up. This incorporates the capacity to make your own equalizer arrangements, just as allowing you to turn dynamic clamor dropping on or off.

Talking about which, the ANC on the Motifs is great; it astonishingly permits you to hear your music continuous by encompassing sound with no extra foundation commotion or perceptible advanced obstruction – and having the option to long-tap either earphones to change to the straightforwardness mode is a helpful element.

Battery life and connectivity

  • 20 hours total playback
  • Wireless charging
  • Bluetooth 5.2

Charging is through the USB-C port on the foundation of the case, and there’s QI remote charging also assuming you have a viable charging cushion. Charging is quick: sling the headphones for the situation for 15 minutes and you’ll allow yourself an hour of playback; energizing them from absolutely level to completely energized requires three hours. It’s the equivalent for the case – assuming you run it level it requires around three hours to return to battling wellness.

Playback is guaranteed at as long as 20 hours – that is 4.5 hours from the earbuds themselves, and a couple of charges from the case. Also, there are a lot of genuine remote earbuds that proposal far longer battery lives, for example, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, which offer 35 hours altogether. Also indeed, they accompany commotion crossing out too.


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