Ninja Air Fryer Max AF160 review

One-minute review

Air fryers have been around beginning around 2010 and their fame keeps on developing as an ever increasing number of individuals find that these ledge apparatuses can cook, fresh and earthy colored food varieties so quick that your stove feels deplorably delayed in correlation. Ninja is known for making probably the best blenders and Instant Pot choices, yet you can likewise seek this brand for the absolute best air fryers.

Ninja offers two kinds of air fryer, its double zone models have two separate cooking compartments and a bigger limit. While the Ninja Air Fryer Max AF160  has only one cooking crate and is Ninja’s most exceptional single zone air fryer.

It’s absolutely pricier than other air fryers of this size accessible from rival brands, yet it can do substantially more than delivering scrumptious better forms of exemplary singed food varieties. It has six capacities (seven on the US model), notwithstanding air broiling it very well may be utilized to prepare, cook and even dry out food sources making it an adaptable apparatus.

It’s a slick smaller air fryer that actually flaunts a 5.2 liter/5.5-quart limit so there’s adequate room for four bits of fries or in any event, for an entire chicken. It works like most air fryers, by effectively flowing exceptionally hot air in a little space, cooking food sources half quicker than fan broilers to make fresh outcomes that need up to 75% less fat than conventional searing.

On test we thought that it is not difficult to utilize, it had the option to make stunningly fresh outcomes in a brief time frame and is an incredible decision assuming you’re seeking change out singed food varieties for a better other option.

Ninja Air Fryer Max AF160 cost and accessibility

  • List price: £149.49/ $159.49 / AU$349.49

The Ninja Air Fryer Max AF160, which as we’ve as of now referenced is known as the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL in the US, is accessible through Ninja’s site just as Amazon and will hamper you £149.99/$159.99/AU$349.99.

This is the leatest expensive air fryer from Ninja, the Ninja Air Fryer AF100, which is known as the AF101 in the United state , is the most economical model presented by Ninja at £129.49/$119.49 yet it doesn’t have Bake or Max Crisp tools settings &it’s not accessible in Australia.


  • 5.2 liter/5.5 quart limit
  • Little impression
  • 6 cooking capacities (7 in the US)

We’re not proposing the Ninja Air Fryer Max is a little machine, yet as air fryers go, this one doesn’t occupy a lot counter room, yet it is tall. at 5.2 kg/11.7 pounds it’s light enough for a great many people to move without any problem.

The artistic covered cooking bushel accompanies a removable fired covered crisper plate, this raises food off the lower part of the crate, permitting air to circle and overabundance fat to dribble away. The bin is furnished with a huge stout handle to haul it out, which is likewise helpful for giving your food a shake mid-cook.

The basic control board includes an advanced presentation to count down the cooking time. Each cooking capacity can be chosen by squeezing the relating button and there are extra fastens to change the default time and temperature settings just as a beginning/stop button and a power button. these are; Max Crisp, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate. The US model accompanies a seventh capacity, which is Air Broil.

The air fry capacity can be set for as long as an hour at a limit of 210 C/410 F while the more remarkable Max Crisp capacity warms at a set temperature of 240 C/450 F for a limit of 30 minutes. There are no predefined settings for your cherished food sources, yet you get a Quick Start Guide in the container which incorporates time and temperature ideas just as oil amounts for heaps of food sources just as 20 plans to attempt. Notwithstanding, we might want to see really cooking exhortation given for the Roast and Bake capacities as the aide is inadequate with regards to this information.


  • Cook time stops when the container is eliminated
  • Calm
  • crisper plate permits abundance fat to deplete away

There’s no set-up required and with a straightforward instinctive control board and heaps of cook times gave, it’s not difficult to kick off the Ninja Air Fryer Max AF160 regardless of whether you’re an air singing beginner.

The manual recommends preheating the air fryer for three minutes to get the best outcomes, so prior to adding food we set the clock to three minutes and let it preheat. This cycle isn’t irritating, however hopefully ninja will fuse a preheat setting to simplify it.

Utilizing the Quick Start Guide we sorted out an air fry season of 20 minutes for our hand-cut thick fries. The aide prompts between 0.5Tbsp to 3Tbsp oil, so we selected 1.5Tbsp which is more than needed by some other air fryer brands, yet toward the finish of cooking over 0.5Tbsp had depleted into the lower part of the container, leaving under 1Tbsp on the fries.

We gave the fries a shake multiple times during cooking, however you truly do need to make sure to do this as the air fryer doesn’t quick you. The completed fries were brilliant, crisped and soft inside, however we might have shaved a little while off the cook time as some were somewhat exaggerated, having said that it was a pleasingly quick outcome to go from crude potato to cooked fries in only 20 minutes.

Frozen steak slice fries cooked flawlessly on the Max Crisp setting and regardless of the sack giving a cook season of 26 to 28 minutes, they required simply 12.5 minutes which is not exactly a fraction of the time they would take in a stove. We preheated the air fryer for three minutes first and needed to give them a shake a few times, yet the outcome was astonishingly fresh fries with delicate cushioned focuses.

When cooking chicken wings we decreased the recommended cook time, because of our piece being a lot more modest than the sum proposed in the aide. Eventually, they required 12 minutes and we decided not to add the 1 tbsp oil that Ninja recommended, this permitted fat inside the wings to deplete away for a better choice. We turned the wings twice during cooking and they fostered a fresh skin while remaining clammy and delicious inside.

The most sultry temperature we recorded outwardly of the air fryer was 50 C/122 F yet the handle and control board remained cool. The air browning process hushed up, enlisting only 50dB on our commotion meter, making it one of the calmest air fryers we’ve tried to date, and the same sound degree of general babble at home and totally adequate.

Nothing adhered to the crate or the crisper plate during our testing and both washed well in the dishwasher, in spite of the fact that they aren’t too precarious to even think about washing by hand by the same token.

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