Shark Style iQ hair dryer review

One-minute review

Shark is a brand notable for making the absolute best vacuum cleaners around. Frequently referenced as an adversary to floor-cleaning robust Dyson, it’s nothing unexpected that the brand has followed its rival into the hair-care market.

The Shark Style iQ, which is known as the Shark HyperAir in the US, is the brand’s first hair dryer, yet while Dyson selected to plan its hair dryer starting from the earliest stage, Shark’s model follows the customary plan with which all of us are natural. Nonetheless, the Style iQ accompanies smarts, for example, the capacity to consequently change the wind current and temperature, in light of the connection you’ve associated, to suit the kind of style you’re attempting to make.

The Shark Style iQ hair soft dryer highlights 3th temperature settings, 3 speed levels, and a cold-small capacity. The 1600W hair-care apparatus ships with two connections. The first is a concentrator spout with a flexible opening, appropriate for a delicate all-over speedy dry; or, when restricted, it very well may be utilized to make a smooth, smooth style. The second is a diffuser, whose extendable prongs guarantee the roots, just as the finishes of wavy hair, can be dried equally, lessening the danger of hotness harm.

At £229.99/$229.99, the Shark Style iQ is more costly than numerous hair dryers available, however it actually figures out how to undermine the Dyson supersonic. It’s great for the people who need to make a variety of haircuts without stressing over which settings they ought to utilize. It will likewise suit those with wavy hair who wish to restrict heat harm.

Shark style iQ hair dryer cost and accessibility

  • List price: £229.99 / $229.99

The Shark Style iQ, or the Shark HyperAir iQ in the US, will impair you £229.99/$229.99. It’s accessible straightforwardly through Shark, just as from retailers remembering John Lewis for the UK.

In the UK, the Shark Style iQ comes packaged with a concentrator spout and a diffuser, while in the US the diffuser is supplanted by a styling brush connection. An extra group in the US additionally incorporates the diffuser, an instrument for making delicate waves, in addition to fasteners and a non-slip mat for $249.95.


  • Three temperature and speed settings
  • Ships with two connections
  • Conservative and lightweight

The Shark Style iQ looks as you’d anticipate that a hair dryer should, albeit the barrel is marginally more limited than on certain models we’ve tried, like the Panasonic EH-NA67. It’s a reduced hair-care apparatus, estimating 25 x 7.5 x 12cm/9.8 x 3 x 4.7 inches (h x w x d) and weighing 500g/1.1lb.

The UK model arrives in an upscale dark and rose gold completion, while in the US the hair dryer has a muffled gold tone. As referenced, in the UK the hair dryer comes packaged with a concentrator spout and a diffuser, while in the US the bundle includes a styling brush connection instead of the diffuser.

The hair dryer offers 1600W of force with three temperature settings and three choices for the speed of wind current, which are controlled utilizing the buttons on the rear of the barrel. The power button is situated on the rear of the handle, while on the facade of the handle is a cool-shot button that conveys an impact of cold air to set your style.

The people who don’t have a mirror strategically placed close to an electrical plug can in any case dry their hair effectively, because of the Style iQ’s 2.5m/8.2ft power string.


  • Quick drying times
  • Naturally changing hotness and speed settings
  • Fiddly to clean

The Shark Style iQ unquestionably experiences its cases of rushing to dry hair. On the quickest setting, it required 3 minutes and 56 seconds to get our soggy, beneath mid length fine hair to totally dry. When utilized on the most minimal temperature settings, this expanded uniquely to 5 minutes and 8 seconds, making it among the quicker hair dryers we’ve tried.

On all settings, hair was left looking glossy and smooth, with not very many fly-away strands. In general, the Shark Style iQ was agreeable to hold in both the left and right hand (we exchanged hands, contingent on the side of the head being styled).

We were intrigued that when the concentrator spout or diffuser were appended to the hair dryer, the temperature and speed settings were changed consequently to the ideal level to utilize that device. We likewise tracked down the sliders on the connections – used to broaden the prongs on the diffuser and extend or tight the concentrator spout – moved without a hitch.

As far as commotion, the Shark Style iQ enlisted 76dB on our decibel meter on the quickest settings. This puts it center of-the-range with regards to boisterous hair care machines, and is identical to the sound produced by a vacuum more clean. Since the hair dryer is probably going to be on for a couple of moments all at once, it’s satisfactory.

Notwithstanding, we were frustrated that the hair dryer comes up short on a removable channel, which makes it fiddly to keep liberated from both residue and build up.

Should I purchase the Shark Style iQ hair softer  dryer?

Buy it if…

You need quick drying times
There’s no denying the Shark Style iQ is quick with regards to drying hair, taking barely short of 4 minutes when drying medium length fine hair. Also there’s no trade off with regards to perfection or sparkle all things considered.
You battle to know what settings to utilize
Need to make various styles yet don’t have the foggiest idea what speed and temperature settings to utilize? This will not be an issue with the Shark Style iQ, since it makes any changes consequently when connections are associated.
You have wavy hair
In the same way as other hair dryers, the Shark Style iQ ships with a diffuser. Nonetheless, it bests different models available with its extendable prongs, which permit those with wavy hair to dry their braids in a manner that holds the twist yet without exposing the finishes to warm harm.

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